Training to use the tool GHG Protocol
– Brazilian Program

  • Objective:

Training for the use of GHG Brazil Protocol Program’s calculating tool.

  • Target audience:

Professionals in the area of environment, communication, finance, production, administrative, marketing and technical of the public and private sectors; professionals of the academic area; and other professionals interested in handling the tool or elaborate inventories of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Course Program:
  • Global warming;
  • Greenhouse effect;
  • Sources of emissions;
  • Regulatory Environment in Brazil;
  • Kyoto Protocol;
  • Emissions Inventory.
  • What is the GHG Protocol Brazilian Program;
  • What is an emissions inventory;
  • Emissions scopes (definitions);
  • Sources of emissions;
  • Emissions from renewable and non-renewable sources.
  • Data organization;
  • Calculations;
  • Possible errors and difficulties.

It will be used a case study to a dynamic learning.


Course length: 6 to 8 hours;

Study material;

Maximum number of participants per group: 5 (five) people;

Certificate of participation for members;

Investment: R$540,00 (five hundred and forty reais).

Payment method: banking billet.

Next dates:

25/06/2015; 30/07/2015; 27/08/2015; 24/09/2015; 29/10/2015 and 26/11/2015.

Attention: limited spaces.

Location: Green Domus- Street Eliseu de Oliveira, nº28 – Brooklin.