The expertise of Green Domus engineering managers is based on the large experience on public and private enterprises management and on formation and practice according to the most current project management strategies (PMBOOK). The differential offered by Green Domus is the alignment of this expertise with the sustainable management practice.

Civil Construction is a sector that has searched for differentiation through control practices of greenhouse gases emissions and increasing use of renewable materials. Certifications that can optimize the construction and make operation more efficient with reduced maintenance costs have gained strength.

Our experience proves that management processes which incorporate disciplines of sustainability, such as renewable resources, shared vision, and stakeholder engagement chain, allow to reach a level of unique efficiency, mitigating the risks of a project and its implementation.

Enterprises management comprises:
  • Management of project elaboration;
  • Support to contracts for services and works;
  • Management of services and works execution;
  • Information system to control enterprises phases.
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