Green Domus offers the service of verification of greenhouse gases emissions inventory elaborated in accordance to the guidelines of the standard ABNT NBR ISO 14.064 and GHG Protocol – Brazilian Program.

Third party verification of an emissions inventory aims to assure the quality of the information described at the Emissions Inventory Declaration, helping customers to maintain a high standard of quality in their inventories and communication regarding greenhouse gases emissions.

Through verification of the emissions inventory is possible to obtain:
  • Gold Seal of the GHG Protocol – Brazilian Program;
  • To attend regulations in the states that already require verified inventory for obtaining and renewing the environmental license; and
  • To ensure that the inventory attends good market practices and methodologies for emissions inventory.
OVV 001 - Green Domus

Green Domus Sustainable Development is accredited by Cgcre – Inmetro for Emissions Inventory Verification – OVV under number 001.

Cgcre Accreditation

Green Domus is accredited by Cgcre as Validator and Verifier Body (OVV, in Portuguese) in accordance to Verification Specifications of the GHG Protocol Brazilian Program and ABNT NBR ISO 14.065:2015 standard.

Accreditation details can be obtained in INMETRO website.

If your company has already conducted an emissions inventory and search for third party verification, please contact us.