Climate Change Contextualization
and GHG emissions management:

Emissions Inventory and Independent Verification


This course aims to expose the concepts related to the elaboration of an Inventory of GHG Emissions according to the guidelines of ISO 14.064 standard and criteria adopted by the GHG Brazil Protocol Program. It also contextualizes how a third party verification process is conducted and the necessary requirements for it, connection of the obligation at the state and federal levels for each type of business and analysis of the regulatory environment.


Target audience:

Professionals in the area of environment, communication, finance, production, administrative, marketing and technical of the public and private sectors; professionals of the academic area; and other interested professionals.

Course Program:

  • Basic concepts (Greenhouse effect and Global Warming);
  • History of Climate change;
  • Kyoto Protocol;
  • Regulatory Environment in Brazil;
  • Corporate responsibility.
  • Objectives of the GHG Inventory;
  • Basic concepts related to GHG emissions;
  • Main methodologies and tools (ISO14064, GHG Protocol, IPCC);
  • Definition of scopes 1, 2, and 3;
  • Definition of organizational boundaries and base year;
  • Identification of sources;
  • Renewable emissions X Non-renewable emissions;
  • How to publish the GHG Inventory;
  • Identification of reduction opportunities (emissions neutralizations, carbon credits and CDM);
  • Inventory importance for companies and institutions.
  • Concept, objectives and verification scope;
  • Confidence levels;
  • Main steps of verification;
  • Regulations;
  • Necessary documents for the process.


Certificate of participation for members;

Study material;

Course length:  4 to 5 hours;

Maximum number of participants per group: 5 (five) people;

Investment per person:  R$ 785,00 (seven hundred and eighty five reais).

Payment method: banking billet.

Next dates:

26/06/2015; 31/07/2015; 28/08/2015; 25/09/2015; 30/10/2015 and 27/11/2015.

Attention: limited spaces.

Location: Green Domus- Venue: Eliseu de Oliveira, nº28 – Brooklin.